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Dying Earth


The Earth is dying and each of us are responsible.  By doing nothing, we are dooming the future of our children for generations to come. For the last 200 years, mans quest for superiority and domination has created a gaping wound within the structure of our ecosystem. As we encroach further across the Earth in search of wealth, the human race destroys hundreds of thousands of living creatures and pushes more from their homes. When the last tree is burnt down, where next will we turn? It starts there and spans the gamut of our neglectful reality.

A decision must be made. The time to take action is now.

Emissaries are being dispatched to the far reaches of civilization to educate and empower every man, woman and child on this Earth to take action. Our voices must be heard. Nothing is more important than the future sustainability of ALL life on this planet. As the physical manifestations of the creator we must protect the creation! We’re the white blood cells of the Earth and duty is upon us. The time for healing is now. We must take a stance, against a system that turns the blind eye to the destruction of our planet.

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The following sections outline the complex issues our planet is currently facing.