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EDEN is an acronym that stands for: EducationDevelopmentEnergyNature. Four key fundamental ideas that when married together, possess the ultimate possibility for change and sustainment. We believe, that through education and a deeper understanding of our true purpose, our Tribe has a collective opportunity to develop an alternative society who’s primary goal is to protect our species from extinction. In order for us to make this change we must first reevaluate our symbiotic relationship with mother Earth. The idea of building EDEN is to be able to teach generations to come about our abilities to be self sufficient without causing damage to our Earth and the many species that call it home. As we move closer and closer towards a full blown cultural crisis we must adapt our mind set towards this way of life. There is NOTHING more important than the e.d.e.nsurvival and sustainability of life on Earth.

The time for awakening those around us is here.

People are your best resource, not commodities for exchange. Collectively we have all the knowledge in the world and information is the key to a future of peace and prosperity.  It’s about creating a culture of men and women who understand their true path in life. To grow, strengthen, sustain, nurture, heal and protect all life. Everything we experience in life is but a physical manifestation of our true spiritual self. Interwoven in to the fabrics of the Universe. The spirit doesn’t die, the spirit is phi. We must reprogram our understanding and perception as human beings. We’re the highest form of physical conscious projection on Earth. It’s our DUTY to take care of our mother. We are spiritually connected to the Universe through collective consciousness and the Source speaks to us through our heart. It’s time to listen.

Compassion and empathy are two of humanities greatest strengths. It doesn’t take long to look around our society and shine a bright light on the adversities we’re currently facing as a human species. We can no longer ignore the cultural crisis going on around us. Each day more and more of our brothers and sisters are awakening to our true state of reality. We’re on a wanton path of self destruction that’s going to lead to the annihilation of our planet and every species on it. However, there is time to turn back and the weight of that decision is ours. We The Meek, our Tribe, must collectively teach our brothers and sisters of the Earth that together we can thrive.

It’s about believing in the power of our destiny and manifesting it into existence. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

Assemble -> Educate -> Move ->