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Assemble the Like Minded, Educate the Misguided & the Movement Will Ignite Us


Internal/External Change

In order for us to change our reality, we must first prepare ourselves for the change. Part of this preparation is a mental deprogramming of our reactionary system. Since we projectkidswere small children, our lives have been shaped and formed by every action and reaction we’ve witnessed. The environment we’ve grown up in, especially helps dictate our responses in life. These are our impulses and natural security measures we’ve taken to protect ourselves from the world. Due to the indoctrination of fear in to our society a majority of our human reactions, are defenses and shields that we use to hide and protect ourselves.

We live in a world where we’re programmed to want to be someone else. Our society worships the rich and powerful and immortalizes their every step. This redcarpetnegative mantra is very damaging to our true selves and must be avoided at all cost. We must embrace the person we are inside and not someone we wish we was. The Universe stitched each of us together with stardust, the way we were meant to be. We must embrace this, for it’s the path to discovering both our true selves and our true purpose here on Earth.

In life we can only control two things, our reaction and our projection. Each of these dictate our state of mind and how we’re perceived by those around us. For instance, if someone cuts in front of you in line at school do you initiate a physical confrontation, do you tell the teachers or do you disengage from the situation because it’s not worth your time? If you chose to disengage from the situation, then you are well on your way to discovering your true self through the elimination of the Ego.  Reactions are one of the hardest things for us to change as humans. However, it’s not only the key to being happy but it’s the key to changing the direction of our species completely.

It all begins with one calming thought. “Why did I react that way?” After this question, it’s about deprogramming the thoughts, feelings and past instances that caused this reaction. You may not be able to trace back every feeling you have inside but you can guess that it more than likely has something to do with your false ego. The ego is designed to allow those around us to perceive us the way we want to be perceived. We do this through our responses, body language, facial expressions, attire and the general air about a person. 

This is a large reason, why we often times imitate famous people, especially musicians. How often have you heard the expression, music defines a generation? It’s not only true but it proves a point, that music has more influence over our society than a lot of us understand.It’s all about self, becoming immortalized, wealthy and the individual rising above the system. These damaging ideas of superiority are being programmed in to our youth by the music industry. They teach our children that money and power are the goals of life and to strive for them at all cost. Interesting enough these ideas fit perfectly in to a consumptuous society like ours. Thankfully, there are wonderful musicians in the industry who are attempting to empower our youth to take action in society, to be leaders. 

“Where is the medicine, well I’ve been searching, And I suppose each will find their own kind
Well everything is at stake, it makes it hard to concentrate and there are men who see a war and see a paycheck
Such different programming to live so fearfully, Terror this and terror that terrible reality
There is no medicine on the television, So turn it off and turn yourself around!”

Nahko Bear

Music is powerful and it interacts with our vibratory frequencies in magical ways. It’s the words of the music that causes us to develop external motivations based upon these internal feelings. This translates to all entertainment though, film, television, sports, video games. The list goes on and on. mom-and-child-meditatingkidtvOur minds are adaptable to information and we’re easily motivated by that which intrigues us. We’re raising generations of children who are desensitized to hate and violence. So much that when they are ready to enlist in the military as young adults, their already programmed and ready to kill.

We need to start educating our children on the proper ways of living life. By teaching them early about their false ego and their true self, we arm our children with the capability of overcoming this mental programming. It’s our duty as parents to teach them that their voice matters and that the only truth in life is love. It’s through love that we have the ability to overcome all things including war, hatred, fear and cultural prejudices. We must teach them philosophies on oneism, empowering them to be leaders from a young age. Teach them to always ask questions and to never give in to their egos. However, like others around us we can not control who they are as people and when they become adults their decisions are theirs alone.

There are many highs and lows during our short time here. Never forget that your control, only extends to yourself. Everyone was gifted with free will. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to trying to change someone else’s persona. This is one of the biggest issues humans have with their egos. We actually believe that we have the ability to affect change in others just by willing it.  Realize, shit happens. That about sums up the mantra of life in general. Whether you decide to clean it off your shoes or tramp it on someone else’s carpet, this decision is yours alone. My suggestion? Take off your shoes and go barefoot, the Earth can heal you that way.


Build Bridges


“We Build Too Many Walls & Not Enough Bridges”

Isaac Newton

By now we understand that our inner reaction dictates our outer projection. It’s this outward projection that holds the capability of changing those around us. Allow this change you’re going through to project to everyone around you. Openly discuss it with loved ones and begin casting your light on strangers. It’s about having the courage to have a conversation with someone about things that truly matter. Such as our current social, political and economic complications of our society. People are your best resource and combing our collective resources together is how bridge-2we’re going to affect change on a bigger level.

Part of our duty as human beings are to interact with one another in order to find common purpose. Each of us are endowed with certain internal abilities gifted to us by the Universe. It’s about seeking out and arranging the individual pieces of our collective puzzle, than building it. Building Bridges is the most important part of our work. We’ve got to try and have conversations with people, face to face, to strengthen our credibility as more than just another idea begging to be heard. If we’re going to make this movement work we must make this movement move!

Our goal is for each tribe across the country, to sponsor their own door to door Bridge Building events every month. We’ll provide a resource of printable flyers with easy plug and play placement for your local tribe information. However, the opportunity for having a conversation can happen anywhere. We need to have that dunk from the trunk mentality. The moment we leave our car or our home, we’re on our mission. Say to yourselves “Today, I’m going to build a bridge.” We’re working on a good resource for Building Bridges that’ll give you tips, tricks and successful ways of approaching this.


Get Educated/Teach

The key to Education in the new age, is through online interaction. As people begin separating the cable cord and leave television land, their finding alternative sources for video. One of these sources that has proven invaluable to our cause is YouTube. There are multitudes of documentaries on topics ranging from Global Warming to Activism Movements. Our minds are beginning to  adjust, to this new frequency called technology and the way we interact with it. What took hours upon hours of research is now discovered with the stroke of a key. Getting Educated on issues at teachersteachthe direct source is always safer than hear say. 

We The Meek wants to encourage all Tribes to hold documentary viewings and Q&A sessions monthly. Build Bridges with the people of your community through education and empowerment. We built the Vault for that very reason. A place where during your Bridge Building/Education sessions you can refer back to. You can shoot a text message with the direct link to that reference and pow! Empowerment through Education! We need to make this our motto. In order for our species to culturally evolve further in our advancement, we need to ingrain Education into our value system.

Education isn’t meant to cost money. Education is a duty. The payment for Education should always be Education. We’ve got to embrace this philosophy as much as we embrace returning to the Earth. We’ve got to forge our path in a direction, that future generations can live by. Furthering the outwards projection of spirit, furthers spirit as a whole. Imagine a community of brothers and sisters who held seminars, demonstrations and lessons for all who wanted to learn. Who doesn’t want to learn how to throw pottery!? We’ve got to foster a culture of Earn-a-Cation. How can you create a culture of empowered youth if you only give them an idea of what their future degree is going to do for them. Let them delve in and try different things and figure themselves out.

We need to Educate our children early. That’s why we’re in the process, of developing ideas for We The Meek that’ll help teach our children about the truths of our current reality. We can’t hide this from our children, they must know what their inheriting. We’ve got to begin drawing them blueprints for the Bridges of the future! 

Education, next to life, is the greatest gift one can give. Those of us who’ve become awakened to humanities reckless path, must educate and guide those who haven’t. So how does one go about doing this? By creating conversations with everyone, everywhere. We’ve got to arise everyday, look in the mirror and say “I’m going to Build a Bridge and make a difference in somebodies life, TODAY!” This is an everyday mantra that the Collective must focus on. This can happen anywhere at anytime.

Building Bridges is but a small step in the process of helping others awaken their higher self. The primary responsibility of being a Bridge Builder is introducing others to The Meek, the Home of the Movement and the information database for change. Let them pour over the countless documents, documentary videos and first hand accounts of tyranny the human race is living beneath. Allow them to realign themselves with the truth of our reality and discover their truest potential as shepherds of the Earth.

Never stop learning & Question Everything!


Create Action


changecommunityIt’s your reality, how are you manifesting it? We have no control over this paradigm we’re currently living in, but we can create our own. Part of discovering the true self is the elimination of fear and the unlocking of your true potential. What is your purpose? It’s a question that each of us must ask ourselves and reflect on, daily. Be the change you want to see. Take ownership for your community and lead.

What’s your community struggling with? Drugs? Crime? Poverty? Corruption? Despair? We’re all dealing with social issues in our community and most of these issues aren’t self created. Have you ever heard the term serf? How about peasant? Slave? We are all of these words and more. However, we don’t see it because we’re so busy scrambling to keep up. This is wrong and the time to reflect on this wrongness is nigh. We’ve got to build plans of action in our communities to move past these community struggles.

Use your gifts! What are you good at? Each of us were gifted a unique set of skills, that points to our true purpose here on Earth. YHave you discovered yours? Perhaps you’re a writer or you work at a place that could help make the movement move. Look around you. Analyze your sphere of influence. Who do you know that has the capability of assisting us on this path towards our true purpose?

Do you have access to a room or hall that you can use a couple times a month? Invite members of the community out and engage them in a new conversation weekly about things going on in the world or at home. Gather your local tribe together and everyone pitch in to get some food and drinks for your guests. Feed their bellies and their minds. I believe in humanities strength of resolve, however, we can’t help to stop the coming darkness unless we’re willing to ignite our inner light for ALL to see. 



The matrix is all about resources and it takes resources to build a new paradigm for ourselves. Unfortunately, those of us who hold the majority of these resources are the ones we’re indentured too. donateIf we hope to get out from beneath the weight of our slave masters we’ve got to band together and share our resources as a Tribe. We’ve got to work towards building our EDEN’s. We honor donations in any form. Of course, the traditional donation is a sharing of financial resources but that’s not necessarily the most important form. It’s going to take lot’s of us banding together, in order for us to wake our dreams in to reality. Together we can! 

Some of us have the capability of launching ourselves directly in to action with relentless fervor. Yet some more aren’t currently able to do so for various reasons. We ask that if you support this movement and believe in the system we’re proposing please donate. There are currently (at the time of this writing) 10,200 members of the Medicine Tribe on Facebook. If we all banded together and donated a minimum of $10 a month, we could begin rebuilding EDEN, immediately! Never before has there been a group beautiful warriors this size assembled in one place. We’ve got to heed the calls of the Spirit Father and unify!

As we Build Bridges across the Nation we’ll connect those minds and spirits that resonate with our cause. We’ve got to begin attracting more than just financial resources. I’m talking about people resources. There’s a saying I’ve lived by for most of my life. “People are your best resource”. If EDEN is going to be successful as a new paradigm, we’ve got to attract those who have the intellect and knowledge to help build tomorrow. EDEN isn’t about living off the grid. EDEN is about building a grid of change, that encompasses every spectrum of our reality from medicine to science. We’ve got to unite the brains of our time and begin building towards tomorrow.

Together we can walk hand in hand down a humble path of greatness towards EDEN. One that focuses on our sustainability, and moving past systems and ideals that segregate us.