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Pre-Resonance Medicine Tribe Gathering

15 August 2015


 August 15, 2015
Category Festivals

When: September 23rd 2015

Where: Marion, Ohio

Why: We want to make sure a majority of our tribe can camp together. The goal is to have a really nice size camping area full of Tribe members. Let’s make our camping experience the second most exciting thing next to seeing Nahko & MFTP this weekend. 


We will meet and break bread from noon September 23rd until 9am September 24th when we’ll head out for Resonance. Resonance is being held at Legend Valley which is about an hour ride from where we’ll all be camping out. There is plenty of area to camp we should have enough room for around 50-60 campers. If you have any questions please hit Nicholas Arkaine or Dolly Salisbury up on Facebook!

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