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Tenets of Tomorrow



An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.
Thomas Paine

  • Be Humble – In order for us to discover our true selves we must eliminate our false egos. No human life is worth more than the next. It’s about recognizing our blessings and using those blessings, to help ourselves, our communities and every living being around us. Learn. Teach. Share. Love.
  • Practice Moderation – Life is about moderation, not necessarily abstainment.  We are here, after all to have experiences and adventures. Each of us makes, his/her own decision, on what we require for happiness. As long as you are causing no harm to yourself, your spirit, other living organisms around you or the Earth, ye harm none, do as ye feel.
  • Be Mindful & Tolerant – Though we’re all the same, we’re a product of our past experiences. Some of these experiences have left our spirits damaged and broken. Always be considerate of those around you. Not everyone thinks and feels the way you do and that’s OK. Always remember massaging a mind is easier than prying one open. 
  • Be Merry & Spread Love – We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time. If you’re not happy change, because happiness is what this experience is all about. Find paradise no matter where you live, keep it clean and spread joy to all those around you.
  • Be Honest to Yourself & Others – Lying and stealing are damaging to the self and should be avoided at all cost. One can not lie to ones self. To covet an object so bad that one must steal causes great harm to the spirit and psyche. Coveting materialism is the first step in their system of control.
  • Respect the Earth & All Living Creatures (Great & Small) – Tread lightly. Be mindful about the foot prints you leave behind. Eat what the earth provides, only when one needs fed. Respect all life and the resources those beings needs to thrive. Always see the beauty and importance of all species. Yes, even spiders!
  • Be Generous – There are enough resources for everyone. Our cup need not overflow just as long as there is a drink for every being on this planet. Giving will always be a better feeling than taking. Practice it daily.
  • Learn – Life is about learning. We’re never too old or young to learn something. We are collectively elevated by the knowledge that each of us have. Request it. Rejoice in it. The capability of conscious thought and deduction were gifted to our species for a reason.
  • Teach – Information should be shared not coveted. The movement is about empowering the whole not the single. There are no gifts greater than that of knowledge. The movement is about getting the right people, with the right knowledge, in the right places. Than gifting those minds around us with information, knowledge and wisdom as it’s requested.
  • Let It Go – Always forgive but never forget. Part of what makes us human is our innate ability to adapt. By experiencing negative emotions and situations in our life we arm ourselves with the power to heal oneself and others from similar situations. Never dwell on a situations outcome. Analyze and commit the experience to memory and unravel it at it’s core. Learn from it and teach others about it.
  • Citizen Leadership – Activation of your community at a local level. Find what your town needs and help form citizen committees, in order to be locally involved. A primary example is being able to raise enough awareness about national issues (such as GMO) to affect change on a local level. Imagine citizen leaders raising awareness to stop the use of non-GMO seeds or chemicals in their communities. It’s not a pipe dream, it can be a reality. YOU can be the change. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.
  • QUESTION EVERYTHING – As Thomas Jefferson said “Every generation needs a revolution”. Our revolution in 2015 is the revolution for our minds. We’ve been told for so long what to think that it’s time to awaken our true self. Only honest, safe and loving intention should be expected all others should be rejected. We’re a movement of questions searching for answers. If you feel that something is amiss than it probably is. Follow the money. Be the change. Be The Meek.