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  • Americas Facts

    – 48% of us are living in poverty.

    – 57% of our nations children are living in low income households.

    – 40 Weeks – What it takes the average worker to get back to work after becoming unemployed.

    – The six heirs of Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) have a combined net worth roughly equal to the bottom 30% of all Americans.

    – 37% – Percentage of households under the age of 35 that have a net worth (savings/cash on hand) of 0%.

    – 49% of American families receive some sort of government assistance.

    – 15 days – Roughly the amount of time that Bill Gates could cover the U.S. budget deficit if he donated his entire fortune to it.

    – The current national debt has catapulted to $18 trillion dollars. That equates to $56,957 per US citizen.

    – 440,000 years – Approximately how long it’d take to pay back the national debt if we started now at $1/second, $60/minute, $3600/hour or $86,400/day.

    – We have the highest incarceration rate and largest total prison population. Although the U.S. makes up a mere 5% of total global population, we house 25% of the worlds prisoners.

    – America (not shockingly) has the largest obese population in the world.

    – The average American drinks more than 600 sodas per year.

    – 28 hours – The average amount of time citizens spend watching TV per week.

    – Americans take more prescription drugs than anyone else in the world.

  • Americas Possibilities

    – Prosperity starts with refusing to take part in poverty.

    – It’s our duty to teach our children that income is a bad outcome.

    – Employment is a failed idealism of the lie that is capitalism. We have to stop exchanging our prosperity for products.

    – We empower ideas of wealth by dividing that which we already own. Collectively, everything is everyone’s.

    – What are we saving for? The Earth provides everything and everyone we’ll ever need.

    – The American people provide 100% of the resources for the government.

    – Today! – The day we need to start thinking for ourselves and working towards solving the crisis that this paradigm is facing.

    – The current national debt is legal fiction! Educate yourself on currency and the creators of the mighty dollar. It’s a fallacy!

    – 4.54 Billion Years – How old the Earth is, yet mankind in a matter of a few hundred years has devastated this beautiful EDEN and increased the possibility for humanities extinction. 

    – Crime is a response to the separation of wealth in the world. Every brother and sister around this world is created equally wealthy with an opportunity at life. Wealth needs redefined.

    – America (not shockingly) has the largest obese population in the world.

    – Aspartame. Because diet soda means less poison. Right?

    – 24 hours – The complete time we have to make a difference we want to see in the world everyday!

    – Earthlings that put their trust in a system of dollars should not be shocked when they realize one day, “You can’t eat money!”

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