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As an entity that is For People and not For Profit, we lack the financial capability to hire the help we need. So we’re asking our brothers and sisters of the World Tribe, to lend us a hand.  We’re currently seeking motivated individuals in the following areas: 

  • Web DeveloperWe’re seeking (1-2) candidates who possess knowledge in the following areas. PHP, JQuery, WordPress, CSS, HTML5
    Responsibilities would include: website maintenance, back/front end development and various other duties.
    Apply – volunteer@WeTheMeek.com
  • Graphic ArtistWe’re seeking (1-2) candidates who possess the capability to create graphics for various projects.
    Responsibilities would include: logo work, website graphics, t-shirt design, marketing materials & various other projects where needed.
    Apply – volunteer@WeTheMeek.com
  • Videographer/Editor – We’re seeking (1-2) candidates who possess knowledge in film making and/or editing.
    Responsibilities would include creating unique content for WeTheMeek.com. our YouTube channel and for various documentary projects we’ll be working on in the future.
    Apply – volunteer@WeTheMeek.com
  • EditorWe’re seeking (1) beautiful grammar minded person to assist as Editor for We The Meek. Your duties would include: Editing all Writers Posts, Building Bridges with the writing staff, working directly with Meek Council, editing the website content and helping us make the website flow freely. P
    Apply – editor@WeTheMeek.com
  • Writer – Do you have a love for writing? We’re looking for Writers & Reporters for We The Meek. Responsibilities would include: Writing Unique Content Articles (2 per week). Citing any and all resources. Various positions are available and we’re open to your ideas. Submit Either |2 Custom Pieces You’ve Written with 600 words or more||A biographical piece about yourself and why you feel drawn to support the movement. The more empowering the better.|| {OR} ||A link to a website, a blog or other resources such as Author credits, Degrees & or any experience you feel is important for us to know.
  • App Developer – We are seeking (1-2) candidates who possess the ability to build Android/Iphone applications. The movement is in desperate need of this.
    Apply – volunteer@WeTheMeek.com
  • Lawyer – We’re urgently seeking qualified legal council who is versed in Non Profit Foundations. If you know of a person, who is kind, honest and of moral character, that you’d like to refer, PLEASE send us this information. legal@WeTheMeek.com
  • Education Builder – We’re urgently seeking a qualified individual with a rich Educational background. We’re looking to develop an alternative Educational system to Educate and Empower our Youth, to begin taking responsibility for the issues our species are facing.
    Apply – volunteer@WeTheMeek.com
  • IdeasPlease reach out to us if you have any ideas, or suggestions that would help us improve the movement. We built this site for all of us to have a home to bind us together. Any suggestions you give us could truly help our collective Tribe.
    Apply – suggestions@WeTheMeek.com
  • Donation– As a movement that’s for people and not profit we depend on the community to help support the project. A gracious $10/month donation will go a long way to building EDEN. Everything starts somewhere. <3 Click Here To Donate